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How Does the Eviction Process Work in Westminster? Property Management Tips

Eviction is a scary word for most landlords. Most landlords don’t understand the eviction process, and they don’t want their properties to be vacant, so they’ll work with tenants longer than they should to a point where they won’t receive the money a tenant owes.

Westminster Property Management MD: Evicting a Tenant

Once a tenant is late on rent, the eviction process should begin. Get a document from the court, fill it out, and include the amount of rent that’s owed as well as late fees, and any other costs that are owed. When you go to court, which is usually two weeks from the time you file the paperwork, you’ll get a Motion for Possession of the Property.

Property Management Westminster, MD: Writ for Set Out

The tenant has the rest of that week to catch up. So, if court is on Monday, the tenant has until Friday to come up with the money. At that point, the amount that is owed also includes court costs. So, you’ll be collecting any back rent, late fees, and court costs. If they can come up with money, the eviction process stops. If they cannot come up with the money, you will get a Writ for Set Out on the following Monday. That’s the actual eviction, and it happens with the sheriff. The sheriff contacts you after receiving your paperwork from the court.

Westminster Property Management MD: Setting the Eviction Date

The eviction date is set, and the sheriff posts a note on the door. The tenants have up until the date of the eviction to pay the full amount and stay in the property. At UTZ, we won’t take anything but a cashier’s check or a bank draft. We don’t want to wait for a check to clear. But, tenants can pay until the sheriff comes. If they have not paid, the sheriff will evict them for you.

If the tenant’s belongings are out, you simply sign a paper and change the locks. If the tenant has not moved their belongings, you have to put them out of the property. The tenant can come get them, and what happens to those things depends on your jurisdiction. If the tenant doesn’t come get them, you’ll be responsible for hauling the items away. All of these costs can be placed back on the tenant.

Take out anything that’s owed from the security deposit. If more money is still owed, it’s possible to file legal proceedings to collect that money.

If you have any questions about how to evict a tenant, please contact us at UTZ Property Management. We’d be happy to tell you more.

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