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When to Fire a Westminster Property Management Company

This is a sticky subject, but one that needs to be discussed: how do you know it’s time to fire your property manager? To determine whether the company is working for you, consider a variety of things. Westminster Property Management MD: AccountingTake a look at the ac...
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What Happens When You Break a Lease? Westminster Property Management

Many tenants call to ask what happens when you break a lease. They want to get out of the lease for various reasons, and it’s important that we go over some things so they know what they’re getting into. If you have a tenant who wants to move before the lease is over,...
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Security Deposits and Setting the Right Expectations on Returns in Westminster

When we talk about security deposits, it’s important to balance tenant expectations against the possible damage that is done to the property. Tenants will want to get their deposits back, but owners may hang onto some of that money to pay for necessary repairs, cleanings, o...
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Things to Consider When Getting Started in Real Estate Investing in Westminster

There is a lot to consider when you’re investing in rental property. Today, we are sharing 5 words of wisdom for real estate investors. 1: LocationThe property you’re looking to purchase needs to be in a good area. Look for activities and amenities, and check the crim...
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Should You Rent or Sell Your Home? Westminster Property Management Tips

There are several reasons to explain why people move. It may be due to a divorce, a relocation, or a plan to size up or size down, depending on where you are with your family. Today, we’re talking about reasons to rent or sell your house. When you’re considering renti...
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