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Why You Should Consider a HOA Management Company in Maryland

HOA Management Company in Maryland
When a homeowner buys a home in an HOA managed neighborhood, they do so because they love the look and feel of the neighborhood.

They ride down the street and love the look of the manicured lawns, trees and the related architecture of the homes. They love the amenities which may include nice parks for the kids, a lake, walking trails and more.

Neighborhoods that look manicured and well taken care are usually maintain by Home Owners Association.

HOAs are usually managed by homeowners of their neighborhood who serve as volunteers. This usually means they don’t have professional real estate management experience and don’t have time to commit to executing on all the things that need to be done.

Trouble Stirring

For example, let’s say a quirky family move into the neighborhood. All the homes in this neighborhood have neutral colored exterior paint jobs but the ‘Quirkies’ have a unique sense of style. They decide to go with a more lively colored paint to the exterior of their own and choose lime green.

The neighbors have a fit and complain to the HOA.

This is a tough situation for many HOA volunteer board members.

In case number two, the ‘Frumpies’ family fail to keep their lawn manicured. In summertime their grass grows knee-high before they decide to cut it and their bushes look horrible. To top it off, they put up ugly lawn décor that everyone hates and cheapens the whole block. How should this situation be handled?

And still another case, the husband of one household has been out of work for seven months, hasn’t been able to pay his mortgage and HOA fees in four months, and he’s now in foreclosure. The board of volunteer HOA members feel overwhelmed with all of this.

Expert Knowledge and Experience

That’s where the help of a professional HOA management company becomes the game changer. All of these situations are easily handled as a part of the everyday work of a seasoned HOA management company.

From time to time that are important decisions that need to be made for your community. Working with a HOA management company means that you have an expert who will be there to help you make important decisions based on years of experience in working with multiple associations.

There’s a residence that is in foreclosure and delinquent on fees, having a professional management company till with the bank’s attorneys takes a close off HOA board members.

The profession management company can ensure compliance with governing documents.

Even better, the right management company can help you whether you are a neighborhood single-family homes or multiple condo units.

For the scenario mentioned above where there is a foreclosure and delinquent fees, management company can enforce the rules and manage the process of dealing with this.

A professional management company should have a firm understanding of state and industry laws, regulations, and best practices. They will be married to provide counsel on rules, regulations and restrictions.

Maintenance & Supervision

Need a company that stays on top of the condition of the properties in the association? An HOA management company can be exactly what you need. Keeping a watchful eye over the condition of the neighborhood, all the amenities and each property requires a lot of time and effort.

So having a professional management company enforce the standards and maintain the condition of the neighborhood is important.

A good management company will provide architectural reviews and suggestions of capital improvements to keep your neighborhood in top shape.

Premium Service Year After Year

One of the common problems that a lot of HOAs experience with working with professional management company is a gradual decline in top quality service. This usually happens over a longer period of time.

As human nature and familiarity sets in some management companies fall into the trap of starting to let their best service slip. That’s why finding a management company that has a track record of low turnover with their HOA clients should be your approach to selecting the right one.

Not only will a good management company maintain a premium quality of service for the long-term but they will train and educate board members and make conscious improvements to operations.

Professional Financial Management

A solid HOA management company will provide monthly reports to keep homeowners involved and accountable. They also have the budgeting expertise for your short and long-term needs.

As shared earlier a personal management company can take care of the financials of your Association – collecting dues and fees, dealing with delinquent fees and foreclosures. Day-to-day responsibilities such as sending notices are easily handled.

One of the best professional HOA management companies in Maryland is as property management.

Learn more about how they can make your life easier as a HOA member and maximize the operations of your association.

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