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Why Americans Vote Real Estate As The Best Investment in 2019

best investment in 2019

Real estate has always been here. Long before the formation of the modern stock market, people were building, buying, selling and living in homes and conducting business in commercial properties.

Nevertheless, the sentiment civilizations have had regarding their best path to wealth creation has evolved throughout history.

According to a recent Gallup poll, 35% of Americans in 2019 feel that real estate is the best long-term investment option, while just 27% believe that stocks are the best way to build long-term wealth for retirement.

Savings accounts, and in dead-last place, gold, were also ranked in the Gallup poll. Of course, during the 2008 – 2010 real estate and stock market recession, both markets were getting generous helpings of bad press.

Many Americans saw half of the value of their stock portfolio value disappear into thin air, seemingly overnight. For many, it was right when they needed it the most, retirement.

Younger Americans watched their newly retired parents and grandparents put retirement on ‘pause’ to re-enter the workforce as supermarket greeters, grass-cutters, substitute teachers, you name it.

It’s been close to a decade since the crash but apparently time does not heal old wounds. When it comes down to it, Americans favor the investment they can touch, feel, smell, and see with their own eyes – ‘real’ estate. Watching numbers rise and fall on a paper statement or device screen is still a little too…unsettling.

Real estate is an investment you get more than the benefit of building wealth, you live in it. Even for those who choose to become real estate investors of rental properties, though these investors don’t live in the properties they own, they still have a better sense how the market is performing and know what they can do to maximize their financial gains with it.

The tax benefits, the leverage you gain, the fact that tenants pay off your debt and help you build more equity, and more are all great strengths of real estate rental investing over stock investing.

You should definitely learn more about how you can capitalize on the wealth-building benefits of real estate investing.

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