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real estate investment

31 Days to Launching Your Rental Property Investment Business

rental property investment

Sweet dreams are great but they don’t put cash in the bank. Don’t just sit on the fence and dream of being a hot-shot rental property investment expert. Let’s get in the game! Rental property investing presents a very stable and tried-and-true financial opportunity with immediate and long-term growth potential. It’s one of the best…

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Best Property Management Company in Baltimore, MD

Best Property Management Company in Baltimore, MD

If you’re searching for the best property management company in the greater Baltimore, Maryland area, look no further than Utz Property Management. Before a property management company can claim the status of ‘best’ around, that lofty claim should be weighed with facts. Afterall, what’s most important to rental property owners is a hands-free, headache-free experience…

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Secret Sauce of Real Estate Investment Success…REVEALED

Real Estate Investment Success

Most wouldn’t argue that there’s quite a few things to learn to become a highly successful real estate investor. The ability to work when you want, investing and profiting from the single biggest wealth-builder throughout history comes at a price, after all. Still, if you can master just one thing to set you on the…

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5 Biggest Mistakes Real Estate Investors Make

5 mistakes real estate investors make

We all make real estate investor mistakes, whether it’s your first property or 50th. Whether you’re trying to do a fix and flip deal, buy and hold as a rental, play the middleman in a wholesale deal, do an Airbnb deal, whatever, goof ups will occur. It’s up to us to figure out how to…

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Why Americans Vote Real Estate As The Best Investment in 2019

best investment in 2019

Real estate has always been here. Long before the formation of the modern stock market, people were building, buying, selling and living in homes and conducting business in commercial properties. Nevertheless, the sentiment civilizations have had regarding their best path to wealth creation has evolved throughout history. According to a recent Gallup poll, 35% of…

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Top 3 Ways to Make Money in Real Estate in 2019

make money in real estate

2019 is a great time to learn how to make money in real estate. With real estate investing being the key to wealth for most of the richest people in the world, there are a host of strategies that are utilized for generating profits in this asset class. If you’re just getting started or growing…

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5 Home Improvements Real Estate Investors Should Make For Maximum ROI

Fact is, home improvements for residential real estate investing is vital to the success of your enterprise. You must make minor and major home improvements to fetch maximum tenant rents and sales. The trick is in knowing the right improvements to make to get maximum ROI and which ones just waste your hard-earned money. I…

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5 Wins You Can Gain as a Real Estate Investor in 2019

Real Estate Investor in 2019

Real estate investing has so many benefits that it’s difficult to contain them all in one article. That’s why, as a carryover from the previous blog sharing the top five benefits of real estate investing, I want to share five easy means that you can experience as a real estate investor in 2019. With the…

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