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Rental Property 101: Building Win-Win Tenant & Landlord Relationships

tenant & landlord relationships

Part 1: Basics You Should Know Before Becoming a Landlord Part 2: Financial Benefits of Landlording Part 3: Responsibilities of Rental Property Ownership Part 4: Legal Side of Successful Landlord Part 5: Attracting Dream Tenants Part 6: Building Win-Win Tenant & Landlord Relationships In tenant & landlord relationships, the lease establishes the terms of a…

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Rocking the Roles: Landlord & Tenant Roles for a Profitable Relationship

Westminster property manager

The relationship between tenants and landlords determines the success and stress level you have as a Westminster property manager. Some landlords govern their rental properties more like wardens of a prison, treating tenants as their inmates. Some operate like slumlords, degrading their tenants by extensive neglect and failure to maintain and care for the property…

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Best Property Management Companies in Westminster Maryland

Best Property Management Companies in Westminster

Each year, the UTZ Property Management team meets with 100’s of investors in the Carroll and Baltimore County areas. The question an increasing number of investors have is… How can I grow my real estate investment portfolio without all the headaches of landlording? The answer is simple, “Hire one of the best property management companies…

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Fall Checklist For Your Home

fall checklist for your home

Rainfall and cooler temperatures give us telltale signs that the weather is cooling down for the full swing of fall. Soon enough, the leaves will be falling and trees will turn from green to shades of yellow, orange, red and brown. This is a good time to prepare your home for winter. Particularly, if you…

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Cheap Fixes for Top-Dollar Rehab Profits

how to rehab a house

Rehabbing rental properties can be very expensive and time-consuming for real estate investors. Most investors make costly mistakes with their rehab property flips because they are not clear on what things they should give attention to and what things they should ignore. If you lead out with your emotions on what should be fixed –…

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Quick & Easy Steps to Hurricane Proof Your House

hurricane proof your house

In light of the weather report, you may be wondering how to hurricane proof your house. Indeed, many residents in the expected target zone of this massive hurricane are scrambling to protect their single most valuable asset – their home. If you own multiple rental properties that are in the expected target zone found this…

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Ultimate Tenant Screening Checklist for Rental Property

tenant screening checklist

Looking for the ultimate tenant screening checklist to be sure you get the best renter in your rental property? This should mean you’ve done a great job listing your property and are now generating response. Congratulations! As with everything related to real estate investing, there’s a right and wrong way to do things, including the…

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How Landlords Build Profitable Long-term Relationships with Tenants


If you wish to become a successful real estate investor who generates passive monthly cash flow then you are considering the path of owning rental properties. Everyone likes the idea of generating 35 checks that come in the mail box, or these days direct deposit, on a monthly basis. However, the reality of making this…

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Pros & Cons of Section 8 Rentals as Real Estate Investments

section 8 real estate investments

There is a wide range of real estate investments you could pursue as a real estate investor. Each of the different types of real estate investments out there come with various pros and cons. It’s up to you to decide which set of pros and cons you wish to take on to get the results…

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