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Utz Property Management Pet Screening Process

pet screening process

For profitable property management, dealing with pets is inevitable. Landlording would be so nice if every tenant was a middle-aged couple who lead quiet lives, make plenty of money, are extremely OCD about cleanliness, have no kids, no pets, hate house parties…well you get my point. If tenants were, well, robots, then everybody would be…

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Choosing Solid Investments in ANY Economy

Like everything in life, the economy is constantly rising and falling – and economists predict a recession coming soon. What’s more, if you’re younger, you likely don’t think about retirement, but if you’re 50 or over, you’ve seen how shaky the stock market has been. Even when money is flowing easily, you know that you…

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Should Your HOA Hire a Professional HOA Management Company?

Professional HOA Management Company

Should your HOA hire a professional HOA Management Company for professional management? This is a great question to ask of your volunteer-run HOA board. At first glance, it may seem like an easy enough task to operate your Home Owners Association, but it can get out of hand pretty quickly. We all love the fruit…

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How Much Profit Do Rental Properties Make?

How much profit should this rental property make

Before you jump into any real estate investment deal, you should answer the common question, “How much profit should this rental property make?” This will be a critical step in determining the viability of your given rental property investment. Overall, rental property investments are a great place to start your real estate investment business. It’s…

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Secret Sauce of Real Estate Investment Success…REVEALED

Real Estate Investment Success

Most wouldn’t argue that there’s quite a few things to learn to become a highly successful real estate investor. The ability to work when you want, investing and profiting from the single biggest wealth-builder throughout history comes at a price, after all. Still, if you can master just one thing to set you on the…

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5 Biggest Mistakes Real Estate Investors Make

5 mistakes real estate investors make

We all make real estate investor mistakes, whether it’s your first property or 50th. Whether you’re trying to do a fix and flip deal, buy and hold as a rental, play the middleman in a wholesale deal, do an Airbnb deal, whatever, goof ups will occur. It’s up to us to figure out how to…

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Why Americans Vote Real Estate As The Best Investment in 2019

best investment in 2019

Real estate has always been here. Long before the formation of the modern stock market, people were building, buying, selling and living in homes and conducting business in commercial properties. Nevertheless, the sentiment civilizations have had regarding their best path to wealth creation has evolved throughout history. According to a recent Gallup poll, 35% of…

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Top 3 Ways to Make Money in Real Estate in 2019

make money in real estate

2019 is a great time to learn how to make money in real estate. With real estate investing being the key to wealth for most of the richest people in the world, there are a host of strategies that are utilized for generating profits in this asset class. If you’re just getting started or growing…

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Rental Property 101: Building Win-Win Tenant & Landlord Relationships

tenant & landlord relationships

Part 1: Basics You Should Know Before Becoming a Landlord Part 2: Financial Benefits of Landlording Part 3: Responsibilities of Rental Property Ownership Part 4: Legal Side of Successful Landlord Part 5: Attracting Dream Tenants Part 6: Building Win-Win Tenant & Landlord Relationships In tenant & landlord relationships, the lease establishes the terms of a…

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