Real Estate Investing Success with Vacant Properties

real estate investment success - vacant homes westminster, md

Read Part 1 of this Series Real estate investing success is an inevitability when you focus all your attention on the single most important thing. There are many activities that will demand your attention as a real estate investor; however, there’s just one, maybe two activities that are critical to making it happen. I talked…

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Firm Foundation for Your Real Estate Investment Business

real estate success westminster, maryland

There are many skills that must be developed to build real estate investment success. A successful business and portfolio will allows you to quit your job and retire with consistent, financial security and abundance. However, the number one most important skill you need to develop that will make or break your business is marketing. Don’t…

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How Landlords Build Profitable Long-term Relationships with Tenants


If you wish to become a successful real estate investor who generates passive monthly cash flow then you are considering the path of owning rental properties. Everyone likes the idea of generating 35 checks that come in the mail box, or these days direct deposit, on a monthly basis. However, the reality of making this…

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From a Pro to a Newbie: How to Set Up Your Real Estate Investment Business

real estate investment business

Many investors today want to add real estate to their investment portfolios, but they don’t understand the complex nuances of real estate investing or how to begin the process. Real estate investments are substantially different from any other types of investments like stocks, bonds, and CDs. It can seem overwhelming if you’re new to this…

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5 Point Checklist for Evaluating Juicy Real Estate Deals

real estate deals - Westminster, MD

Building a successful real estate investment business that creates wealth for you and your family is like playing a good game of chess – you must make your next move wisely. That’s why learning how to evaluate juicy real estate deals is the biggest strength you can gain as an investor. We’re going to take…

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Choose Your Path to Building Wealth with Real Estate Investing

real estate investing in westminster

Everybody knows there’s money in the real estate business but when you drive down any street in your town, what do you see? If you tons of opportunity when you ride down the streets of your town then, perhaps, you need a quick education on the various types of real estate investments there are. In…

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Pros & Cons of Section 8 Rentals as Real Estate Investments

section 8 real estate investments

There is a wide range of real estate investments you could pursue as a real estate investor. Each of the different types of real estate investments out there come with various pros and cons. It’s up to you to decide which set of pros and cons you wish to take on to get the results…

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