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Best Real Estate Investment Success Tips of 2018

Real Estate Investment Success Tips

Let’s reflect on the best real estate investment success tips of 2018.

We covered a lot of topics that were all designed to help you minimize headaches and cost, maximize profits, and reach your biggest real estate investment goals.

If kept up with the blog, you took a lot of helpful tips, strategies and motivation to help push forward.

What follows are a few highlighted blogs you should revisit as you plan your areas of growth as a real estate investor for 2019.

Best Path to Higher Profits – 100% Occupancy or Better Tenants?

One of the big debates real estate investors have concerning tenants is whether to push for 100% occupancy or better tenants. If you go for 100% occupancy, you might discount your prices to get tenants in fast. If you go for better tenants, you may see less occupancy.

Which way do you think is best?

Check out what we came up with. Read the full blog here

Safe Investments in a Shaky Economy: 3 Criteria to Landing a Winning Investment Property

The number one secret to successful investing that can’t be overstated is, only buy ‘cash-cow’ properties. If you buy the right investment properties – ones with plenty of ‘meat on the bones,’ then it’s tougher to lose money – which means it’s easier to make more money!

But you may scratch your head wondering, “How do I ensure I’m looking at a cash-cow instead of a mad-cow property?”

As a realtor who specializes in finding diamond-in-the-rough deals for real estate investors – including my own investment properties – I have developed an air-tight checklist of criteria that helps me hit the jackpot every time. Read the full blog here

Top 10 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring a Property Manager

One of the biggest roadblocks to real estate investment success centers around a lack of knowledge, expertise and experience as a landlord.

You got into the business because you were convinced that investing in real estate and renting out your properties provided the maximum number of benefits for your financial future.

But the problem for most people is the down and dirty, daily management aspect of investing.

Wouldn’t it be nice to buy a property, sit back, kick your feet up and watch those rents come in like clock-work for years to come?

If swinging hammers, fixing plumbing, dealing with tenants and their requests, and maintaining properties is not for you, you need an alternative solution to management.

That’s why I’ve put together this essential top 10 list of qualifying questions for choosing the best property management company.

I encourage you to print these out, bring the list with you and ask them of your property management firm candidates before making a decision on who to choose. Read the full blog here

Real Estate Investing 101: What You Should Know Before You Get Started

Want to know how to get started with real estate investing?

You may be like many people who have been tossing around the idea of becoming a real estate investor for many years, perhaps reading books, attending webinars, seminars and other events.

But you still may not have a good birds eye view of the entire process of real estate investing.

That’s why you’ll get a good idea of what’s involved in the process of real estate investing the right way. Read the full blog here

Creative Real Estate Financing With NO Money Down?

Most beginning investors need creative real estate financing.

Indeed, the single biggest roadblock to building real estate investment success is financing.

After all, as an investor you’re working in a business where you need to make multiple multi-six-figure deals per year.

Needless to say, unless you’re loaded or someone who loves you a lot is loaded, you’re going to hit a few brick walls before you figure out how to keep financing coming in to fund your real estate investments.

Though it would be nice to buy real estate with no money down, this often is not true.

Most financing options, even creative real estate financing options, require you to put some skin in the game.

However, you can use OPM – other people’s money – for the majority of most of your real estate deals.

That said, let’s dive into some popular creative funding options. Read the full blog here

Why You Should Consider a HOA Management Company in Maryland

When a homeowner buys a home in an HOA managed neighborhood, they do so because they love the look and feel of the neighborhood.

They ride down the street and love the look of the manicured lawns, trees and the related architecture of the homes. They love the amenities which may include nice parks for the kids, a lake, walking trails and more.

Neighborhoods that look manicured and well taken care are usually maintain by Home Owners Association.

HOAs are usually managed by homeowners of their neighborhood who serve as volunteers. This usually means they don’t have professional real estate management experience and don’t have time to commit to executing on all the things that need to be done. Read full blog here

How to Find Vacant Homes in Westminster Maryland

Finding vacant homes in Westminster, Maryland is a great way to take over properties for pennies on the dollar.

As a real estate investor maximize net profits on every single deal and minimize your risk of loss. The easiest way to do this is to buy right – which means buying at a deep discount.

That’s why vacant homes are one great option for real estate investing.

In the movie, 99 Homes, Rick Carver infamously cruised the streets of middle class neighborhoods in his brand-new Range Rover, scavenging for signs of death – distressed home owners and vacant homes – like a vulture with a taste for real estate success.

Indeed, the character ‘Rick Carver’ had built up a thriving business flipping homes this way – but as is the case with many good dramas featuring the entrepreneurial pursuit, he got greedy.

Still, driving for dollars is one of the best ways real estate investors find good deals. Read the full blog here

The Negotiator: Steps to Sealing Win-Win Real Estate Deals in Maryland

Let’s take a closer look at how to negotiate a win-win real estate deals in Maryland.

Once you’ve done all the analysis and profit projections on a property and you think you have winner, the next step is to meet with the seller and get them to make a contractual agreement to seal the winning deal.

If this is going to be your first real estate deal want to be sure to double check everything, dot your i’s and cross your t’s.

However, you’re likely already hyper-aware of what you should do so for some of you it’s more important to remind you to breathe and remain calm.

Usually once an oral agreement is made, the next step is a written agreement. When a meeting is scheduled to negotiate a deal, be sure that all decision makers be present, or else it will be a giant waste of time. Read full blog here

Ultimate Tenant Screening Checklist for Rental Property

Looking for the ultimate tenant screening checklist to be sure you get the best renter in your rental property?

This should mean you’ve done a great job listing your property and are now generating response.


As with everything related to real estate investing, there’s a right and wrong way to do things, including the tenant screening process.

That’s why we put together this tenant screening checklist – to simplify the process of properly screening potential renters. Read the full blog here

Cheap Fixes for Top-Dollar Rehab Profits

Rehabbing rental properties can be very expensive and time-consuming for real estate investors.

Most investors make costly mistakes with their rehab property flips because they are not clear on what things they should give attention to and what things they should ignore.

If you lead out with your emotions on what should be fixed – treating it like it’s your own home then you’ll likely go over budget and boost profitability when you rent or sell the property.

Hopefully, these tips will help you focus and on what you should put your time and money into fixing and steer clear of things you should avoid.

If you focus on these things you will sell the property or rent it out faster, within your budget, and for top dollar. Read the full blog here

8 Steps to Being a Six-Figure Real Estate Wholesaler in 2019

Becoming a real estate wholesaler in 2019 is a great way to get started in the lucrative business of investing in real estate.

What investors love about wholesaling properties is the fact that you don’t any money to get started, you don’t have any risk in getting started and the process of closing your first deal can move as quickly as 30 days.

Oh yea, I forgot to mention that you can generate multi-thousand-dollar checks in your spare time as a real estate wholesaler!

All of these factors make wholesaling the favored path to getting started for beginners.

Yup, there are virtually all upsides to this exit strategy of investing in real estate in Westminster, Maryland – and all over the country for that matter.

To give you a bird’s eye view of this kind of real estate investing, we’ll review the simple steps involved in this lucrative real estate investing strategy.  Read full blog here

This is just some of our favorite content on real estate investment success in 2018.

Hope you get empowered and geared up for more success tips and encouragement in 2019!

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