Best Property Management Companies in Westminster
Each year, the UTZ Property Management team meets with 100’s of investors in the Carroll and Baltimore County areas. The question an increasing number of investors have is…

How can I grow my real estate investment portfolio without all the headaches of landlording?

The answer is simple, “Hire one of the best property management companies in Westminster Maryland to take the load off and have more success!”

For most investors that own rental property, it’s simply a great decision to hire out the management of rental properties for several reasons.

Better Management.

The fact of the matter is that a property management company is trained in all the areas that pertain to renting properties, managing tenant relations and maintaining high-quality properties.

In many cases, they can do everything the property owners want, except they can do it better. There are always exceptions, but if you choose one of the best property management companies in Westminster, this is the case. We’re about to reveal that list shortly, but first, here’s what else you get by choosing a professional management firm.

Save Time.

You get your time and life back. Investing in real estate is a great part of your retirement plan – if not your entire retirement plan. However, if you’re stuck managing 25 toilets, plumbing issues, electrical problems and more, then you’ve just bought yourself another full-time job for retirement.

Let one of the best property management companies in Westminster take care of the day to day work for you. Get your time back and let your team handle the time-consuming task of management.

Eliminate Headaches.

Let’s face it, managing properties is not all glitz and glam. It’s a double scoop of elbow grease and grunt work. Dealing with tenants that don’t act right, pay rents late and don’t care for your property well is a headache. Dealing with property management issues, especially when you have a considerable number of properties, is hard work.

You can eliminate all the headaches of land lording by hiring the daily workload out to one of the best property management companies in Westminster, Maryland.

Now that we’ve reviewed these top 3 benefits of allowing a property management company to work for you, lets take a look at some of the best property management companies in Westminster, Maryland.

Best Property Management Companies in Westminster Maryland

Utz Property Management

Best Property Management Companies in Westminster

Utz Property Management is a full service residential and commercial property and HOA management company. The team at Utz Property Management offers excellent service and treat your property like it’s their own.

You see, the owner of Utz Property Management – Jenni Utz – owns rental properties herself. In addition, the Utz team also owns Utz Handyman & Remodeling Services and Utz Real Estate – a real estate brokerage firm. The vast experience you get with the Utz team is unparalleled.

Here are some of the services you get with Utz Property Management.

Property Marketing

Our team markets your property aggressively with a combination of promotional tools to find the right tenant as quickly as possible.

Tenant Screening

Every application we receive is subjected to our strict tenant screening process. We only place highly qualified tenants to keep you protected.

Rent Collection

We handle all billing and rent collection on your behalf, guaranteeing you get your rent in on time and protecting your cashflow.


Keep your property in great shape with our maintenance team working on your behalf. We process incoming requests & coordinate repairs for your rental.

Property Inspections

We schedule frequent visits to every home in our portfolio. Our inspection visits provide unbeatable peace of mind & help us catch problems early on.

Financial Reporting

Our accounting experts carefully document your income and expenses and publish reports for your review—everything is available in the account portal.


Should something go wrong in your home, we’ll help you handle the eviction process. We take care of the legal proceedings & find a new tenant when it’s all done.

Legal Guidance

Don’t find yourself in a sticky legal situation. We pay close attention to the laws that impact your property and do our utmost to keep you compliant.


D’Anthony Property Management

danthony property management
Services both Commercial and Residential Properties in the Baltimore Metro Area and Surrounding. They are licensed real estate professionals that offer clients a unique perspective. This allows them to provide a comprehensive portfolio of services within one company.

LMS Property Management

LMS Property Management, Maryland
A full-service company, provides top quality commercial, residential and community management service. They can custom tailor your property management and maintenance program to fit your budget. This team helps clients with all the day-to-day details of managing, maintaining, and marketing your rental properties.

Westminster Property Management

Westminster Property Management
Family-owned and operated, Westminster Property Management is a full-service property management company that exclusively serves Westminster, Maryland. Their goal is to create a plan that best suits your needs.

When you choose Westminster Property Management, you don’t just hire a property manager; you’ll gain a team that treats every property like their own. We reside in Westminster so we are able to deliver quality service quickly.

This list of the best property management companies in Westminster can help you accelerate your success as a real estate investor while minimizing your time and eliminating your headaches.