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Archive for November 2018

8 Steps to Being a Six-Figure Real Estate Wholesaler in 2019

Real Estate Wholesaler in 2019

Becoming a real estate wholesaler in 2019 is a great way to get started in the lucrative business of investing in real estate. What investors love about wholesaling properties is the fact that you don’t any money to get started, you don’t have any risk in getting started and the process of closing your first…

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Build Your Team of Real Estate Investment Experts

real estate investment

To grow your real estate investment empire, you must assemble your A-team. You should look to meet and build win-win relationships with the best-of-the-best in every area you need. As a real estate investor, you will find that there are a lot of moving parts which requires that help of A players. You will need…

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Investment Property Criteria for High-Profit Real Estate Deals in 2019

Investment Property Criteria

Investment property criteria must be considered with before implementing your plan to invest in real estate in 2019. If you have watched other real estate investors for some time, you may have that local idol that you respect for their uncanny ability to choose great properties to invest in. You may have seen a real…

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How to Start Investing in Real Estate in 2019

Start Investing in Real Estate in 2019

Now that we’ve shared some of the reasons you should considering jumping into the real estate investment business in 2019, let’s look at how to start investing in real estate in 2019. A growing number of experts believe that recession is coming soon. And if you read last week’s blog post then you learned that…

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