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Archive for August 2018

Ultimate Tenant Screening Checklist for Rental Property

tenant screening checklist

Looking for the ultimate tenant screening checklist to be sure you get the best renter in your rental property? This should mean you’ve done a great job listing your property and are now generating response. Congratulations! As with everything related to real estate investing, there’s a right and wrong way to do things, including the…

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Pros & Cons of the Top Real Estate Investment Exit Strategies

real estate investment exit strategy

Some new real estate investment students are surprised to learn that there are multiple ways to profit from any individual real estate investment. These various ways of generating income from investment properties are called exit strategies. The good news is that there are several real estate investment exit strategies that may suit you based on…

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What You Should Know About Real Estate Closings

real estate closings

Arriving at the stage of real estate closings means you have put the house under contract and are ready to seal the deal. Congratulations on finding the property you want to commit to! If you are a real estate investor and you have followed the steps we have provided in previous articles, that means that…

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How to Run HOA Board Meetings Like a BOSS!

hoa board meetings

You’re sitting in another one of your HOA board meetings, wondering what you’re doing wrong. You had important items to discuss and decisions to make but it’s become all too normal to watch meetings fall off track into fun but time-wasting discussion about who’s doing what in the neighborhood, what decision city counsel just made…

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