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Archive for July 2018

Surefire Real Estate Deal Analysis Formula

real estate deal analysis

Let’s talk about real estate deal analysis. You see, there are several ways you can cash out of a real estate investment deal. You should know your options and what makes sense for each situation you’re in. However, your net profit is directly dictated by what you pay for the property on the front end.…

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Who Should Consider Using a HOA Management Company

HOA Management Company

HOA – Home Owner Association management is skilled work done on a volunteer basis. When you choose to become a board member of your HOA you may or may not realize all that comes with the job. There are several roles that must be filled for home owner associations to function well. This skill set…

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Eagle Eye: How to Spot Great Real Estate Deals a Mile Away

real estate deals in Westminster, Maryland

Making great real estate deals is essential to your success as a real estate investor. Still, while some people think that others are just born with an eagle eye for a great deal, the truth is that anybody can learn to make great real estate deals. To do this you simply need to learn to…

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How to Find Vacant Homes in Westminster Maryland

vacant homes in westminster maryland

Part 1     I     Part 2     I     Part 3 Finding vacant homes in Westminster, Maryland is a great way to take over properties for pennies on the dollar. As a real estate investor maximize net profits on every single deal and minimize your risk of loss. The easiest way to do this…

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