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Archive for April 2018

7 Reasons You Can Retire Rich With Buy and Hold Property Investing

Buy and Hold Property Investing

Buy and hold property investing is one of many real estate strategies, and one of even more investment strategies used to build wealth. The topic of building wealth is not just one reserved for those who wish to drive two-seater sports cars, take exotic vacations, and live the high life. It’s important for every single…

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Build Your Championship Team to Start Real Estate Investing

start real estate investing

Before you start real estate investing, there’s one thing you should do that many beginners neglect. Success in any field is never a one man show – not even for seemingly individual sports like gymnastics, track and field, MMA, swimming, diving, and more. Sure, these athletes are on the track, in the pool, in the…

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Creative Real Estate Financing With NO Money Down?

creative real estate financing

Most beginning investors need creative real estate financing. Indeed, the single biggest roadblock to building real estate investment success is financing. After all, as an investor you’re working in a business where you need to make multiple multi-six-figure deals per year. Needless to say, unless you’re loaded or someone who loves you a lot is…

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Lethal Mistakes That May Devastate Your Real Estate Investment Portfolio

Real estate investment portfolio

Having helped many clients make decisions that impact their real estate investment portfolios in the Westminster, Maryland area, there are mistakes to save yourself headaches later. #1: Lack of Planning There are some personality types that are more prone to jumping in feet first without Knowing What they’re getting into. These personality types usually live…

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CHECKLIST for Finding BIG-Profit Real Estate Deals

find real estate deals in Westminster, MA

Learning how to find real estate deals is the first key to unlocking unlimited success as a real estate investor. Learning how to find the juicy, big profit deals accelerates your wealth creation considerably. When you’re first getting started in real estate investing many beginners scratch their head wondering what to do first and how…

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