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When to Do Rental Inspections and Property Walkthroughs in Westminster, MD

We often get asked how many property inspections should be done at a rental property, and what they should entail. Today, we’re sharing some recommendations that will protect you and your property when a tenant moves out.

Property Management Westminster MD: Move-In Inspection

Do a move-in inspection before your tenants take possession of the property. That way, you can document the property condition. Take a video during the walkthrough, which shows the entire property. You’ll be able to see what it looks like in detail. We recommend you take pictures of the windows, doors, walls, ceiling, carpet, flooring, light fixtures, as well as the exterior. Anything that can become damaged while the tenant is living there should be documented. With an inspection checklist and documentation, you have a report of what it looks like when the tenants moved in.

Westminster Property Management MD: Routine Inspections

Inspect every six months while a tenant is living there. Look for the same things. Inspect and photograph the windows, walls, doors, light fixtures, floors, and landscaping. You can document the home’s condition as the lease progresses, and you’ll be able to see what may be damaged.

Property Management Westminster MD: Move-out Inspection

At the end of the lease, do a move-out inspection. This will be the same thing as the move-in inspection. Use video and pictures. That way, if there is any tenant damage, you’ll be able to see that it was not there when the tenant first moved in. There should be no issues with whether or not they get their security deposit back when you have all this documentation.

Westminster Property Management MD: Giving Notice to Tenants

Give tenants notice before you inspect. You are required to provide 24 hours’ notice, but if you know you want to go in next week, let them know as soon as possible. They live there, and you don’t want to inconvenience them. It’s your right to enter the property, but it’s beneficial for everyone if they have enough notice. Tenants don’t have to be present for your walkthrough, but they have the right to be there if they choose to be at home.

So, do an initial walkthrough, and inspections every six months. Then, conduct a final move-out walkthrough. This will give you a full picture of what the property looked like when they moved in – all the way through their lease.

If you have any questions about inspections, or how to put together a rental property inspection checklist, please contact us at UTZ Property Management.

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