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Quick & Easy Steps to Hurricane Proof Your House

hurricane proof your house
In light of the weather report, you may be wondering how to hurricane proof your house. Indeed, many residents in the expected target zone of this massive hurricane are scrambling to protect their single most valuable asset – their home.

If you own multiple rental properties that are in the expected target zone found this hurricane, you’re in a frenzy of activity trying to protect your livelihood from potential costly damage.

Yes, it’s hurricane season again. Let’s be proactive about defending our most valuable assets from damage during this costly season.

While your home may be ‘gone with the wind’ if it makes direct collision with a Cat 5 hurricane or an F5 Tornado, you can have success as you hurricane proof your house, in the majority of cases.

Let’s take a look at some simple things you can do to hurricane proof your house before this massive hurricane stampedes on to land in the next few days.

Hurricane Proof Your Yard

Before we even get into the house you can start protecting the house by hurricane proofing your yard. You see, trees, tall bushes, and items that may be laying around your yard could cause damage to your home.

That’s why you want to be sure that your trees are trimmed so that there is no potential that a long, heavy branch could fall on your roof, through the side of your house or through a window. Be sure that any loose branches that may be a potential threat if propelled by wind are cut.

If you have a tree that’s old and looks like it may topple, called to have it professionally removed.

Put away any gardening tools are other items that may be left out in the yard. Wind could potentially kick up items and turn them into missiles – flying straight into your house or the property of your neighbor.

Consider chaining up or storing away furniture such as lawn chairs, picnic tables and anything else that can easily be stirred up and tossed around in the high winds of a hurricane.

Clean Your Gutters

Moving into the rainy season brings a lot of water to the roof of your home. It’s important to have your gutters clean to remove any debris, such as leaves, twigs, etc. This method to hurricane proof your house will allow rainwater from tropical storms, hurricanes, thunderstorms and normal rainfall to easily flow off of your roof. When water is dammed up in your gutters the likelihood of roof leak dramatically increases.

Gather Essential Supplies

All the preppers can teach the class of how to prepare for ‘the big one’ – for now, we’ll just give it the KISS (keep it simple stupid) treatment to hurricane proof your house. If you’re really concerned that you might be in the direct path of the hurricane it’s expected to make landfall soon, then you should gather a three-day supply of certain items.

These items may include portable water, batteries, candles, flashlights, and generate would be great, food stuffs that don’t need to be refrigerated and the like. It may be a good idea to put together an emergency kit in case of injury. For this I would recommend searching the FEMA site for suggestions on what your emergency each kit should include.

Landline Communication

I know that the existence of landline telephones is now taught in some university history classes, as the customary practice of communication for primitive civilization, prior to the rise of smart phones.

Still, if you happen to have a power outage and are unable to get a connection on your “smart” phone, that antique landline could come in handy. So, I recommend calling your landline phone out of the attic, dusting it off and plugging it in just until we get through the hurricane.

Protecting Windows and Doors

Thomas important things you need to do to hurricane proof your house is protect Windows and doors. If you live in an area that gets a lot of big storms each year, such as tornadoes, hurricanes and hailstorms, you may have considered getting impact Windows.

According to, “a broken window provides a point of entry for wind, which enters the house, increases pressure, and seeks another way out.” In fact, wind make us huge damage to your if it finds an entry point. Seeking another way out, wind may scatter another window, tear off shingles from your roof or create another exit wound to flow through.

Florida residents know all about impact Windows – and it’s a prerequisite to have for many new home buyers in the state. However, these windows cost a pretty penny. That’s why you see many other homeowners boarding up their windows with wooden sheets, duct tape to prevent shattering, and taking other measures.

You can install shutters by attaching tracks – fastening hardware – to your home to hurricane proof your home.

Secure Your Garage

Flimsy, old or lightweight garage doors are highly susceptible to the damage caused by flooding and wind. In a hurricane or other storm, having a breach in your garage door is one of the top ways to experience flooding and other damaging your home. Did you know that “80 percent of residential hurricane damage starts with wind entry through garage doors” – according to CNN Money quote?

You can install an impact resistant garage door or install braces to reinforce your current garage door.

Taking these measures puts you ahead of the game as you prepare for the pending hurricane. These are some of the simplest, lowest cost ways to hurricane proof your home as the monster storm bears down on us.

Good luck!

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