Landlord Duties

  • Responsible for delivering the premises at the beginning ofthe lease term, in a clean, safe and habitable living condition.
  • Maintain the premises in a habitable condition
  • Provide for the tenant's quiet enjoyment
  • Supply essential services, including heat and hot water
  • Give proper notice of change of rules and regulations or a change of ownership
  • Notify the tenant before lease expiration
  • Return the Security Deposit within the prescribed period after a tenancy ends

Tenant Duties

  • Comply with the terms of the lease
  • Maintain the dwelling unit in a clean, safe condition and use the fixtures and appliances appropriately
  • Respect the privacy and right to quiet enjoyment of other tenants
  • Abide by the rules and regulations of the premises, provided their purpose is to promote the welfare of all the tenants and preserve the property from abuse
  • Grant the landlord reasonable access to the dwelling unit to make repairs or show the unit to prospective renters, purchasers or lenders
  • Use the dwelling unit only as a residence, unless otherwise agreed
  • Give proper notice before vacating the premises