20 Benefits of Hiring UTZ Property Management

Hiring a management company iscost-effective and can add many benefits to your community.

1.  Review information to understand the entire scope of the community and it's      unique needs

2.  Understand state and industry laws'regulations to advise Board members on        decisions

3.  Manage the Association's required by governing documents and laws

4.  Is knowledgeable on items such as financial statements and funding reserves 

5.  Handle day to day responsibilities such as collecting dues and processing    


6.  Maintain detailed records of all community transactions and correspondence        for each homeowner

7.  Ensure the rules and policies are followed by all and clearly defined

8.  Suggest communication channels for restrictions, covenants, and guidelines

     to all the residents

9.  Counsels the Board on consistent enforcement of rules and policies

10. Supples monthly reports to the Board and ensures that all information is      

      available to homeowners upon written request

11. Manages vendors for common area maintenance and repairs

12. Maintain a list of a variety of reliable vendors that the Association may need

13. Review property conditions during scheduled or unscheduled site visits 

14. Assist in creating an annual budget

15. Attend Board meetings, as requested

16. Recommends solutions to deal with resident compliance issues

17. Collects vendor bids for projects and/or maintenance

18. Suggests insurance companies and obtains bid proposals

19. Offers training options for Board members


20. Suggests options in resolving owner issues/complaints